Spend $7.99 And Curl Up With A Good Book This Christmas

If you like your novels with a healthy dose of inspiration, you will love Woman In The Pulpit!

WITP3 (400x640)

Grace Alexander, fresh out of seminary, arrives in Piney Woods, Tennessee bent on changing things in the staid community. But Thomas Haliburton and the male Ministerial Alliance believe that women should not be pastors. They do everything in their power to make sure Grace comes to realize that she is not pastor material.

Grace, who is Boston seminary educated, is anxious to apply the new forms of ministry she learned in school. However, Haliburton is not having it. He has stopped every progressive move in town and he is determined to stop Grace.

Grace challenges the ministers and their positions. She knows she has been called to preach and to pastor. She determines that nothing will keep her from her calling, not even a tragedy that causes the church to schedule a vote to recall her as pastor.

Readers are talking about Woman In The Pulpit and saying:

“This book is great. It is engaging and will engulf you into the story. I found myself feeling for the characters and wanting to know what happened at the end.”

“Faith and hope are fundamental in Grace’s daily walk as a woman of the pulpit. Grace and Walter’s relationship had never known trouble until she arrived in Piney Woods. The author depicts the glory of God and His power to overcome evil with good.”

“Woman In The Pulpit has it all – humor, drama, love, romance, suspense, tragedy, betrayal, redemption, and some incredible spiritual insights.”

For further information:

Woman In The Pulpit

_An exciting view of what it is like for a female entering the pulpit!_ (7)





Author: Rev. Dr. Grace

I am the pastor of Hopewell Church in a small town in Tennessee. I will be talking about the challenges female ministers face as they navigate their role in the church.

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