Woman In The Pulpit Blog For Women In Ministry

A blog for women in ministry is getting attention from female pastors and ministers. Many read it for inspiration. Others read it for insight on how to handle problems. Women in ministry are encouraged to share their stories through writing articles or through an interview.

Woman In The Pulpit Blog

Margaree Mitchell, author of Woman In The Pulpit eBook says, “This blog is a place where women in ministry can come when they need to be inspired. They can share their stories or be inspired by other women who share. Each article or interview leaves the reader with encouragement to continue their journey.”

The blog also spotlights authors who view their books as a ministry.  They share challenges they were faced with and were able to overcome, which enables them to identify with their audiences.

Rev. Dr. Velecia James says, “Sharing my story was therapeutic for me. Through the years I have come to realize that I can help young women in the ministry by sharing my story. The challenges they are having are not new. Someone has already walked this path and faced challenges they are facing. We can help each other.”

The Woman In The Pulpit blog is solving this problem. Women in ministry may not have a female mentor they can go to with problems. They can visit the blog for social interaction and discover a whole group of women who will provide answers to their questions and guidance when needed.

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Author: Rev. Dr. Grace

I am the pastor of Hopewell Church in a small town in Tennessee. I will be talking about the challenges female ministers face as they navigate their role in the church.

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