A Chance Encounter

During a recent trip to Atlanta I had a chance encounter of the most wonderful kind.

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After visiting with a group of young women and men in ministry, one of the women said to me, “I read your book, Woman In The Pulpit. I take the train to work every day. I have to tell you this! Woman in the Pulpit was so engrossing that I read past my train stop. When I looked up, I looked around. I couldn’t believe that I had missed getting off at my stop. I never miss my stop! But, that morning I did.”

I had hoped my story would touch people to their core. But I am also pleased to know that a reader was so fascinated with the story that it kept her engaged long past her designated train stop.

She continued, “I got off at the next stop and had to take the next train back. My only excuse for being late was to admit that I had been so engrossed in a book that I had totally ridden past my stop. I was a little embarrassed until everybody wanted to know what I was reading.”

_Woman In The

Needless to say, I left the meeting uplifted. And eager to complete the movie script.

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Woman In the Pulpit eBook Popular In Canada

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I am delighted to learn that Woman In The Pulpit is popular among Canadian readers. Women in ministry, church groups, and book clubs are discovering Woman In The Pulpit. It is heartwarming to learn that women beyond the borders of the United States can identify with Grace Alexander and her painful experiences as she seeks acceptance through her work in ministry.

Fresh out of seminary, Grace returns to her hometown anxious to try out the new forms of ministry she has learned. But welcome arms are not out to greet her. She navigates the terrain, steps in potholes, hits curves, and battles diabolical forces.

Thomas Haliburton, leader of the Ministerial Alliance, is not ready for the new pastor in town. He vows to do everything in his power to thwart Grace’s efforts.

Enter Clyde Williams, who is engaged to Haliburton’s daughter. Clyde doesn’t believe women should be ministers, and certainly not pastors, until he meets Grace.

A major scandal involving Grace threatens to tear apart the town. Now Clyde has to decide whose side he is on.

Woman In The Pulpit is truly global. Readers in Canada are saying great things about the book. I hope you’ll check it out and share it with your friends.

Woman In The Pulpit

_A gripping drama!_

Woman In The Pulpit eBook Review

A wonderful review for Woman In The Pulpit by Margaree Mitchell:

“I loved Grace Alexander’s character! Not only is she portrayed as a woman of God, but she is a strong woman of integrity who doesn’t back down. The book is extremely well written and extremely enjoyable.” -V. Lynn Whitfield, author, The Party’s Not Over Until God Says So

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Male Pastors Reading Woman In The Pulpit eBook

Would he recommend Woman In The Pulpit to other pastors? “Absolutely! I have already recommended it to my pastor friends.”

He settled back for the long flight. When the plane was in the air, he opened his iPad to continue reading a novel. Glad the iPad provided cover for his book, he preferred that his reading choice not become known. He was reading the novel, Woman In The Pulpit.

Woman In The Pulpit

Rev. Theo (who doesn’t want his last name used) is part of a growing movement of male pastors who are reading Woman In The Pulpit. “I think the sympathy lies with Rev. Thomas Haliburton. Although what he did to Grace was wrong, I can certainly understand his actions. We all know people like him who can’t let go,” said Rev. Theo when asked about his attraction to the novel.

In Woman In The Pulpit, Rev. Thomas Haliburton has a hard time adapting to a female pastor of a church. He tries to undermine everything she does. He turns against anyone who is open to a woman pastor. The result is a tragedy that is blamed on the only female pastor in town.

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Margaree Mitchell, the author of Woman In The Pulpit, has heard from male pastors. “The first thing they want to know is when the next book in the series will be published. Then they want to know what happens to Rev. Haliburton,” Mitchell said. “I’m glad they care what happens to him. I wanted to make Rev. Haliburton someone who people can identify with.”

Asked why she drew Rev. Haliburton as a complex character, Mitchell said, “At first he was a character with no redeeming value. But I decided to dig deeper and show the events which lead him to the brink.”

Rev. Haliburton’s character initiates soul-searching on the part of men who read the book. “I certainly questioned how I deal with change,” Rev. Theo said. “I found I wasn’t as progressive as I positioned myself to be.”

Would he recommend Woman In The Pulpit to other pastors? “Absolutely! I have already recommended it to my pastor friends,” he said.

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Woman In The Pulpit eBook Popular With Church Groups

“There is so much to discuss. Our class had lively talks about the role of women in ministry and about how female ministers are perceived by both men and women.”

When Kansas City resident Margaree Mitchell listened to her friends talk about their experiences as ministers she had no idea she would write a book channeling those stories.

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Woman In The Pulpit

After years of hearing story after story of the challenges her minister friends faced, Mitchell’s creative juices started working overtime. She knew she had to tell those stories. So she did.

The result is the novel, Woman In The Pulpit, which has become popular with church groups. Women’s ministry groups, cell groups, and Sunday classes are among the groups reading the book.

“I am delighted that so many women’s ministry groups are reading and discussing Woman In The Pulpit,” says Mitchell. “Women are seeing themselves and their experiences in the story.  Whether they are ministers or they work as ministry leaders in their church, readers are identifying with the story.”


Mitchell has heard from ministry groups throughout the United States. Readers from Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois, Utah, Colorado and others are reading Woman In The Pulpit.

“This book is very inspirational and also a page turner,” says Ivory Johnson of Lauderhill, Florida, whose women’s ministry group read the book. “There is so much to discuss. Our class had lively talks about the role of women in ministry and about how female ministers are perceived by both men and women.”

Johnson added, “The book is a must buy. I would definitely recommend it for church classes.”

Mitchell is embracing the possibilities that her book has created. Her speaking opportunities are expanding. She is used to speaking to groups about her children’s books and teen novel, but new doors are opening. “Invitations to speak to women are coming my way,” Mitchell says. “When I wrote Woman In The Pulpit I just wanted to tell a story.”

The story she has told has touched the hearts of readers and provoked heated discussions.


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