Your Dream Is Possible

Have you faced disappointment pursuing something that you feel called to do? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people receive rejections every day. The key question is: What are you going to do about turning your rejections into acceptances?

Seeing thousands of people pursuing the same goal as you is daunting. Even seeing hundreds going after the same small piece of the pie is enough to make you turn around and run. And seeing people who you think are less qualified than you achieve their goals can be downright depressing.

But don’t give up!

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Even when you see colleagues getting their dream positions, don’t give up.

Take an assessment of yourself, if you must. What are you lacking in education, in style, in appearance? Are you confident? When people first meet you, what is their opinion of you?

Women have it harder than men on all fronts. A man up for the same position can charm his way into the position, even though his credentials are not up to par. A woman will be judged by how she looks; her weight, her hair color, her posture, etc., even though she exceeds required educational qualifications, knows her stuff, and has stellar recommendations. A man with lesser qualifications can come in with his suit rumpled, disheveled hair , and get the contract. His unkempt appearance will be dismissed because he is perceived to be a scholar and a genius. Brilliant and gifted are other words that come to mind, whereas a woman not looking her best and even more brilliant and gifted will be perceived as careless, uncaring and not qualified.


Next time you are up for an important position, seek out a person you trust. Ask them to help you. Go over possible interview questions. Ask for tips about your appearance. Brush up on the skill of small talk. Make sure you are feeling at the top of your game on the day of the interview. Leave no stone unturned.

Never give up! Hold fast to your dream!

Many times positions in ministry have a lot to do with politics. Shore up your political game. Do not think you are above playing the political game. Find a mentor. Go to conventions, regional meetings, speak at conferences, write articles.  In other words, get known!


Your dream is closer than you think! With a little tweaking, the dream you are dreaming is possible.

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Don’t ever doubt! Have an unshakeable faith….even when others doubt you!

Peel away the covering and you will see bruises and scares where you have taken hits. You can withstand anything with faith as your core source of strength.

Woman In The Pulpit eBook – Why

Why do you do what you do?

When you can answer this question, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals.


You will continue to meet obstacles, but you will find another way! You will continue to meet people who will pour cold water on your dreams, but they won’t stop you! You will continue to fall down, but you will rise back up because you know why you are on this journey!

Every day think about why you are on this particular path. Every morning before I begin work, I write out my ‘why’. I may not finish what’s on my plate every day, but I definitely know why I’m doing it. And it serves as a great motivator to begin the next day with excitement.

So find out your ‘why’ and do the impossible!

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Christmas Program Mistaken Identity – Woman In the Pulpit

I’m sure all of you have had instances of people mistaking you for someone other than who you really are. How do you deal with it? Do you go along to get along? Do you immediately correct the person? Or does your reaction depend on the circumstances?


The first Christmas after I became Senior Pastor I was in the narthex greeting attendees of the Christmas program. When an unfamiliar face arrived, I made sure to go over to greet the person. I went over to greet one such person and asked if she was a visitor. She stated that she was a regular attendee of the church, but not a member.

To demonstrate that she was a regular attendee, she said, “You are Deacon Brown’s wife, aren’t you?”

“No, I am Rev. Dr. Grace Alexander, pastor of the church,” I stated.

Her mouth immediately flew open. She was caught. She was definitely not a regular attendee or she would have known that I had been pastor for the past 6 months.

I could not have said anything. I could have let her be surprised when I gave my opening remarks at the beginning of the program. But I couldn’t let a mistaken identity pass without addressing it.

I could have wondered if I corrected her, would she come back to the church. But that should never be a concern.

Know who you are and state who you are! Never let a mistaken identity stand, not even for a few minutes.

I am reminded of a friend who allowed a mistaken identity to stand. She was pastor of a church. However, the man she was dating lived in the same state but in another city. He believed that women should not be pastors. He was very involved in his church and attended every Sunday. She never told him that she was a minister, and certainly not a pastor.

Soon there was talk of marriage. Only then did she invite him to an afternoon program at her church. However, she never told him that she was pastor. He did not discover it until he walked into the program and saw her preaching.

He immediately ended the relationship.

Many months of their lives were wasted because a mistaken identity was allowed to stand.

So, women in the pulpit, be secure in who you are. And never let a mistaken identity stand.

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